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Eve with her llamas
Eve with her llamas

A Wonderful Story from Rare Yarns

December 2015
My friend Eve died recently. I met her at a fibre day over 20 years ago when she wanted to buy llamas or/and alpacas from me. I asked her if she was prepared to wait for a shipment that would be arriving within the year. Her reply -"No, I'm 60 and have not got the time to wait!"
Eve was a wonderful weaver and animal handler. She trained a llama to pull a cart and helped me train over 30 full grown adult llama males to walk on a halter - and this was after she had had her first heart attack. Now onto the next part of this story.
Just a few days after Eve's memorial I got a text from Jeanette who has some of our llamas at her property in Ruby Bay. She had never met Eve nor knew of her death. Her text read:
"Stella had her cria today. All fine. It is a girl, white with brown saddle. Her name is Eve. Beautiful day for it"
I wrote back and told her about Eve. Jeanette replied..
"That makes me feel really good. I had no idea of calling the cria Eve until I went and looked at her and the name just popped into my head. "
Strange but wonderful don't you think?

Free Knitting Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern
Free Knitting Pattern

Rare Yarns Fire Hat


This fabulous Hat knitting pattern is designed for Rare Yarns Fire 14 ply knitting wool. Pictured in Fire Fruity, a mix of warm tones, it also looks good in Fire Jewel, a mix of cool tones with a tweedy look. The Fire yarn is on special so it is a good time to whip up a few of these as gifts for friends. They'll love you for it.

The pattern takes one ball of 14 ply Fire Yarn.

Check out the Fire Yarns CLICK HERE

May 2015 The Tree Children Collection

 May 2015 The Tree Children Collection
May 2015 The Tree Children Collection

Forty new vintage colours available in 8 ply and 4 ply

The Tree Children Story
The wind it came from far away to whisper things of gold, the way the story goes and flows the waters ancient old
Things in wings flutter by, the children climb the trees, the hours spent looking for the answers, to all of these
The wool it came from far away New Zealand's pastures fill, the little sheep they love to eat the greener grasses will remain well fed with coats so plump n pure'd, to keep you warm, I am assured shorn without harm that you may darn: knit, knot, click and clack, throw a jersey on your back.
These fleeces lanolins sweet smelling grass, pure wool from New Zealand mills made in our mighty hills.
Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer arms of colour, wrap around Earth's mother.

Presenting the Tree Children Collection. Limited Edition, made in New Zealand this seasonal collection is going fast.
Tree Children Collection 8 plyCLICK HERE

Amano Designer Range from Lorena Laing

Garments will be online soon - meanwhile email us with your enquiry. Aren't they stunning!

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