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Jerusalem enjoying the shade
Jerusalem enjoying the shade

April 2014

Hello to all you knitters out there.
We have been busy with new yarns, new patterns and travelling to our retailers in the last few months.
It has been lovely catching up with the store owners in NZ and Australia who stock Rare Yarns. We have a large range of new patterns for 2014. Some are already in-store and more will be delivered in the next fortnight.
In response to many requests, we have produced a new 10 ply range - the Rotoiti range. We have some great new patterns for it, but a lot of you have been asking for a yarn to knit US patterns downloaded from Ravelry or the Web.
The 10 ply yarn should suit US patterns for Worsted, Aran or Afghan weight. Do knit a tension square first and change your needles to get the required tension.
Failing that, try some of OUR new patterns that have been especially designed for our yarn.
I just can't stop knitting...

Free Pattern for the month

Free Pattern for the month
Free Pattern for the month

Butterfly Poncho

This poncho can be worn two ways and knitted either long or short. A delightful 3 or 4 ball knit in our warm soft and light Brushed Rare Essentials or Rare Earth yarn and fringed with a toning boucle mixed with the brushed.

There is a photo on the pattern so download it while it is free this month.

Rotoiti 10 ply

Rotoiti 10 ply
Rotoiti 10 ply

New for 2014

We love it. You'll love it. What a palette!
Our new Rotoiti 10 ply yarn is ready and waiting.
It is 80% alpaca and 20% merino and knits like a dream.

We have produced 6 new patterns - from ponchos to sweaters, jackets to Accessories and these will be up on the website in the next two weeks. We've just finished a great photoshoot in Nelson's Chinese Gardens and we look forward to bringing you our 2014 patterns.

Watch this space!

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